Walking With The Wounded

Application Guide

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This guide will help you plan your application for First Steps funding  and show you where to get help if needed. Make sure that you apply for an award well before it is required or the start of your course or job outcome. You may have to wait two to six weeks for an answer from WWTW (this can take longer in August / September / October).

  1. Do you qualify?  Check the 'Do you qualify?' page and see whether you are covered by the criteria.

  2. Will the application lead to a nationally recognised qualification or job outcome, trade or profession? Do you have any supporting evidence?  Alternatively, how will the application assist with your new career?  Include as much information as you can with your application to show how this will assist with your new career.

  3. If you are applying for course related costs, check the course is the right one for you and you are confident you will be able to understand and complete the course. Check that you can afford the time to attend the course, study and complete the course.  Supply details of how you will do this with your application.

  4. Have you taken account of any disability or health problems that might make it difficult for you to take up the job, trade or profession or complete the course?

  5. Make sure you are happy with the provider you have chosen. You can find out about your chosen provider by talking to people who have already used them. It is worthwhile comparing several different providers before making a final decision as the cost of the service or course can vary. WWTW does not approve providers although we monitor feedback from previous users.

  6. Look closely at areas such as the type of costs you want the award to cover and check if you are eligible for funding from any other source.  Ensure that all additional requirements needed have been taken into account as you may have to contribute to the cost from your own means.

  7. Work out how much you need. Our application asks you to calculate the costs including VAT.

  8. Make sure that you fill out the application as fully and accurately as you can.  If you need to add information at a later date this is no problem, it can take several visits to your application to complete it fully, including all necessary evidence.  Our assessor may have to contact you and missing information can cause a delay in your application.  If you need help completing your application please contact First Steps.

  9. WWTW will need supporting documentation such as proof of service, address, copies of financial statements, proof of employment status and proof the grant is linked to a job, trade or profession.  We will contact you to discuss it in full.

  10. Information given in the application may be used by the WWTW to monitor and evaluate the WWTW’s First Steps Scheme within the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.

  11. Once you have completed the application form then submit it and an assessor will contact you within 3 working days.  Any missing information can be completed at this time.

  12. Walking With The Wounded will acknowledge receipt of your application and then let you know whether or not your application has been successful. (Remember you may have to wait two to six weeks for an answer and this can take longer at the start of the academic year August/September/October).

  13. If an award is agreed, you will be sent an official letter from WWTW confirming an award has been made and for what purpose. WWTW will agree release of your award either direct to your course provider upon receipt of invoice or as agreed should this be for other equipment, tools etc.

  14. If any of your circumstances change after you have made an application or after you have received the award, please tell WWTW immediately.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the First Steps office on 0800 319 6843.