Walking With The Wounded

What is First Steps

Hugh Forsyth

First Steps is a scheme operated by Walking With The Wounded (WWTW) designed to provide access to entry level, formal education or vocational training and to support other necessary costs relating to education or establishing a new career.  These may include travel, books and equipment.  We aim to support wounded to identify their new career path and then gain the qualifications and tools necessary for them to make a successful move into civilian life.  

First Steps is open to all service leavers and veterans disadvantaged long term by mental or physical injury as a result of either conflict or training, where future employability is affected by their injuries.  This includes providing support to homeless veterans and veterans in the Criminal Justice System. 

During the application process you will be contacted by a WWTW caseworker, who has resources available to be able to provide advice and guidance, vocational assessments, and access to other military charities who may be able to further assist.  We seek to ensure that every applicant whether successful or not, has a better understanding of their new career options. 

The application guide contains everything you need to know about applying for funding with First Steps.  Read it carefully to find out if the scheme is for you, and how to apply.

Make sure you have read and understood these guidelines fully before you apply. If there is anything you want to discuss or you need help completing your application, please contact us.

When assessing awards Walking With The Wounded will take into account all other forms of joint funding such as; Enhanced Learning Credits for Service Leavers, personal and employer contributions and any other appropriate charitable funding.

Awards are granted entirely at the discretion of The Trustees of WWTW.

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